what we do

MOG Productions is a photo and film production company. We work for many clients and know what works and what not.

With our partners, we add creative imagination in every setting. Together with the client, we will visualize the final result. Creativity, ambition and imagination are our driving forces. MOG Productions strives to display the authentic story that lies behind the client as well as possible.

Even though we work from Amsterdam, our field of work leads us beyond limits.

our clients and partners


“MOG has made the complete video clip. He undertook the function of director, lighting technician, camera operator and editor.”

“I was absolutely convinced in their qualities, and they did not disappoint me. Every shot was literally usable and all 6 cameramen that MOG provided were certainly the fastest, in terms of response. I was absolutely convinced in their qualities.”

“What I have found as a big advantages while working with MOG is that they do not tend to be explicitly present, the ability to establish connection with the customer and to act accordingly his requirements. MOG has a good sense of finishes, both in the field and in the editing room.”

“As adhoc camera operator he surprised me with the precision of his movements and settings, whereby all of the shot material was substantially usable, even more than an exceptionally experienced camera crews. As an editor he showed a keen eye for details, while developing more speed and depth than the usual trained professionals.”